Adult Fèis

Fèis Rois Inbheach caters for all abilities, and everyone from beginners right up to accomplished musicians will be welcomed. You don’t need to be able to read music and you don’t need to have any previous knowledge of traditional music to enjoy our Adult Fèis.

As our annual three-day festival, it is about more than just first-class tuition, we also have a growing range of fringe events including sessions, lunchtime and evening gigs, talks and an informal Gaelic conversation circle.

Daily classes take place from 10am to 4pm on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday and are led by an amazing team of internationally renowned musicians. Classes are grouped into ability levels and we offer a first choice class in the morning and a second choice class in the afternoon. Immerse yourself in traditional music, song, dance, Gaelic language and culture in the beautiful setting of Ullapool.

I felt the teaching was very intuitive and geared for each person in the class.

2017 participant
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All in all an excellent weekend, and a highly professional and successful learning opportunity.

2017 participant

The tutor team in 2018 includes Mairearad Green, Amy Thatcher, John Carmichael, Wendy Weatherby, Rachel Newton, Rachel Hair, Marie Fielding, Sally Simpson, Shona Mooney, Aonghas Grant, Louise Mackenzie, Gordon Gunn, Alasdair McCulloch, Lauren MacColl, Megan Henderson, Lillias Kinsman-Blake, Rona Lightfoot, Cathy Ann Macphee, Anna Massie, Ewan Robertson, Jenn Butterworth, Aaron Jones, Ali Burns, Laura-Beth Salter, Signy Jakobsdottir, Margaret Robertson, Gary West, Caroline Reagh, John Sikorski, Calum MacCrimmon, Marc Duff and Barry Reid.

I enjoyed the Adult Feis immensely, I always have done, for the past 10 years.

2017 participant

Full details of the class timetable for the 2018 Adult Fèis are available here:

Tutors & Workshops 2018


The music tuition is based in Ullapool High School and Primary School.

We offer classes at the following levels:
CB = complete beginner – a chance to try something for the first time.
IB = improving beginner – you have been playing for less than 6 months / you already have some limited experience, for example some scales, a basic tune, a few chords
LI = lower intermediate – you have been playing for around 6-18 months / you have already learnt a few tunes/songs/chords and want to improve on your technique and repertoire
UI = upper Intermediate – you have been playing for longer than 18 months / you know common tunes/chords/songs and want to improve your playing
I = intermediate – any level of intermediate
A = advanced – you are fairly confident in your technique and repertoire and want to take your playing to the next level

The fee for the weekend includes all tuition, access to our programme of Fringe events and complimentary tea/coffee at break times.

Full price: £165
Concession: £135
Cost per day if you are attending for one or two days: £65

Our concession rate applies to students, pensioners receiving state pension, those receiving benefits, jobseekers / unemployed, unwaged (e.g. carer, stay-at-home parent).

Accommodation is not provided. There is a fantastic range of accommodation available in Ullapool however, find out more on Tripadvisor.

If you have a partner, family member or friend who would like to join you in Ullapool, they are very welcome to take part in the Fringe activities even if they are not participating in the Fèis workshops and you can purchase tickets for them when you arrive in Ullapool.

What happens on each day?

We offer the opportunity to register for the weekend at Ullapool High School from 6-7pm on Friday 4th May (you can also register from 9.15-10am on Saturday morning instead), and we have some informal free “Fringe” events for you to enjoy that night, including a session in The Ceilidh Place and a gig in The Argyll Hotel.

Classes take place from 10am – 4pm on Saturday 5th, Sunday 6th and Monday 7th May.

(Morning classes are from 10am-12.30pm with a half hour coffee break and afternoon classes are from 2-4pm. Choose one morning class for the whole weekend and one afternoon class for the whole weekend.

I have only registered for Saturday. If I enjoy it, can I then enrol for Sunday and Monday when I am in Ullapool?

Yes! But please speak to a member of staff on site to arrange. The Adult Fèis is a three-day course where the classes progress over the three days. We would encourage everyone to come for the full event if they can.

I am busy on the Saturday, but I would like to enrol for Sunday and Monday. Is that okay?

We are happy for people to enrol for part of the weekend but, as mentioned above, it is a progressive three-day course so, if you join a class on Sunday, you will need to catch up quickly with what was covered the previous day.

My partner / friend wants to come to the Ullapool for the weekend. They would prefer to go hill walking during the day rather than join in with the workshops. Can they still join in the events in the evening?

For this very reason, we started a “Fringe” programme a few years ago. There are two options for partners/family/friends:

  1. A £10 donation to Fèis Rois when you arrive in Ullapool gives you a wristband to gain entry to The Ceilidh Place (it is effectively closed to the public as a private event for the weekend) each evening, as well as to a programme of lunchtime talks and recitals. We also have free gigs in some local pubs over the course of the weekend.
  2. We offer a showcase concert in the Macphail Theatre in Ullapool High School on the Saturday night. This is not included in the workshop fee. You can buy tickets for this for yourself and your friends/family for £12/£10 on the door.

Can I purchase additional tickets for the tutor showcase concert on Sunday evening?

Unfortunately, due to capacity, we can only offer those enrolled in the full weekend, or the Sunday, a ticket for the tutor showcase concert. This is included in the fee you pay when enrolling for the event. We are hugely fortunate that Ullapool has a well-equipped theatre, but we are limited to the 240 seats in that theatre! We cannot sell additional tickets for family / friends. However, we do put on a free gig in The Arch Inn on Sunday evening that you can enjoy with your family/friends later on that night.

I am entitled to the concession rate for over 65s, but it is not showing when I book online.
This may be because you were not entitled to a concession when you set up your account. Please log into your account and update your details before making your booking.